What does being a “Strong Beginnings” site mean?

This means that Hennepin County recognizes us as giving higher quality care than the average childcare center. We run at lower ratios and have smaller class sizes, pay our teachers higher wages, and offer parent engagement as part of our focused programming. There are only 10 sites with this recognition in Hennepin County.

What is your inclement weather policy?

If Minneapolis Public Schools are closed, the Center of Excellence will also be closed.

Do you support allergy and dietary preference needs?

Yes! Please talk with a director to go over your specific needs and requests.

How does communication about my child work?

There are multiple ways to communicate. Most parents prefer to use our BrightWheel app on their phone to check in and communicate day to day. If you would like, you can also call the center and ask for a teacher, call the classroom’s direct line, or communicate over email. On your enrollment form there is a place to give your preference.

Are parents welcome in the classrooms?

Absolutely! Our open door policy highly encourages parents to spend time in their child’s classroom. Parents may also volunteer for field trips and in many other ways if they have the desire to be involved.